Adopt a Template

The large number of templates below are avaliable for adoption, as long as the template number and size are not striked out (this indicates that the template has been taken). To adopt a template, please fill out the form below and i will get back to you asap with the .psd file.


Please bear with me with these, i promise they are really basic. Firstly, please link back to The TCG Whistle Stop if you use any of these templates. A text link will do fine, but if you wish, you may find a button under the 'site' section. Do not edit the template in any way unless i give you permission. When asked, i tolerate small changes to font and placement of text/numbers, or for the purpose of variation for special cards. But please ask to be sure, and out of respect and courtesy. Please put any changes you have in mind in the comments box. If you decide not to use the template anymore, please let me know. Otherwise, after three months i will put it back up for grabs. If you wish to reserve the template for future use, please also let me know. The sample images featured in the templates are NOT free for you to use. Finally, please do not blatantly copy a template from here. The issue of template copying and similarities has been an ongoing debate in the TCG world, and the templates i've created are not solely my work in the sense that i've drawn inspiration from other templates as well, but that does not mean you may create the exact same template in photoshop and claim it as your own. I worked hard to make these, so please respect that. Thanks! <3 That's all. :) Enjoy browsing! P.S if you need a tutorial on how to use a certain template, feel free to ask!


#001 - 75X75#002 - 68X60#003 - 77X62#004 - 78X63
#005 - 79X67#006 - 79X59#007 - 88X74#008 - 85X65
#009 - 82X58#010 - 80X60#011 - 81X57#012 - 75X57
#013 - 85X65#014 - 90X69#015 - 82X58#016 - 85X59
#017 - 86X69#018 - 78X58#019 - 87X73#020 - 90X65
#021 - 91X75#022 - 82X58#023 - 85X61#024 - 93X73
#025 - 69X89#026 - 93X73#027 - 91X69#028 - 62X75